Emotional rollercoaster

This had nothing to do with decorating or design, but I am feeling rather blue at the moment.

I found a puppy.  Running around on the road and sidewalk.  I was driving and saw him and pulled over and scooped him up.  Nobody else bothered.  This was Friday.


I put him in my car and brought him to work with the hopes of figuring out what to do.


My husband called around to a few places as well as my assistant who just adopted a rescue dog.  He is so friendly, a bit nervous but very sweet.

I fell in love the second I picked him up.  I am sure I have seen this dog running around close to my shop but never thought anything of it- I seem to remember him running after a second dog but there was a man with them, so I would have never thought he was a stray.

IMG_1089I gave him my lunch and after about three hours of pacing around my store he finally lay down on a blanket.

Then I brought him home and we discussed what to do with him.  My husband contacted the dog rescue group and they posted his picture on facebook.

IMG_1090Saturday he went to the vet for a shot and deworming and I think at this point everybody wanted to keep him. The vet also said he was about four months old.  We named him Oscar.  Then we got him a bed, leash, collar and name tag on Sunday.  My husband took him for a walk and he stayed right at his heel the whole time.  We were keeping him.  Then at 11:00 am a lady called from just outside of Warsaw, she desperately wanted him.  He looks exactly like her dog that just died.  My husband said no we decided to keep him and she said she would call back in a few days to be certain.IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1097

So then we talked about it logically.  We have a dog, Luna.  Luna was not pleased that this puppy had taken over her house.  I work.  It is not fair to leave this little guy at home for five hours a day.  I could take him to my shop but I am not always there- I will often work at clients houses- I can’t bring him with me all the time.

So we made the decision to give him to this lady.  My husband drove Oscar to his new home two hours after the woman called.  She was thrilled and in love with him.  Her house is dog friendly- she has other dogs so we figured he would be happy in his new home.

She was also nice enough to call and let us know how he was doing yesterday, then today she posted a facebook message on the dog rescue page and she kept his name.

So we are happy he is going to be loved, but sad we had to let him go.

He is part German Shepard and part Polish mountain dog- the vet told us he was going to be big- which could also be a problem.

So long Oscar, we will miss you!


5 thoughts on “Emotional rollercoaster

  1. Such a sweet post you did the right thing by saving the little puppy’s sweet life and it all worked out. I have two rescues and they are the best Oscar is going to have a wonderful life.

  2. There’s something about rescuing a helpless animal that brings out that mothering, nurturing instinct in us women. But just think of all the good you were privileged to be a part of.

    This woman just lost her beloved dog, think about how that feels. She didn’t just know him for a few days but probably years. Think about how your heart is feeling, multiply that by a thousand, that’s probably what she was feeling until you came along and gave her this precious gift. And it wasn’t without cost to you, because in order to sooth her pain, it also cost you pain. Such is the way of love. It will cost us.

    After a few days you’ll forget all about him, but when you do remember you’ll smile, knowing he’s loved and in a happy home, receiving love and giving love. You made the right decision. Your role was to deliver this precious dog to the true owner. If you had tried to keep him it wouldn’t have worked out nearly as well. You did the right thing, and you’ll be blessed for the good you did.

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