The diamonds are finished!

Honestly,  I hope I don’t get asked to do one of these again.  I spent so much time trying to fix the points of each diamond so that they were perfect….and it seemed every time I touched one diamond I messed up another.

But—-I am happy with the results and fingers crossed my client is happy too.

I will wait to exhale tomorrow when she comes to pick it up.

IMG_5384 IMG_5386 IMG_5389 IMG_5391 IMG_5393 IMG_5394 IMG_5395And after looking at this last photo I just noticed a mistake I made on the bottom drawer on the left side…see it?  There is a little slice of white where is should be black.

I will be happy when this is out the door.


7 thoughts on “The diamonds are finished!

  1. toGodbetheglory

    Gorgeous! I think yours looks better than the inspiration picture. She’s going to be really pleased, I know I would be.

  2. Jean Talley

    You can be ever so proud; it is a masterpiece! So much gratification for you and so much to enjoy by its owner. Sincere congrats.

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