And what I am working on now…






I had a client contact me because she wanted to have this painted….
2777759647 To look like this:m97b

I have never done this before- but I didn’t think it would be a problem.

The originally piece actually has a marble top, which she didn’t want, so she had a piece of wood cut to shape.

This piece is also a copy.  It may look antique but under the veneer is chip board–the handles are quite nice, but that is pretty much it.

So I painted the entire thing white.IMG_5323

Then I found the centre point of the front and made that the centre of the diamond.  Then I drew vertical lines every diamond half.  The entire width of the diamond was 10 cm so I drew in five cm increments.

IMG_5324 Then I drew horizontal lines also in half increments which was 7 cm.  So my diamond was 14 cm high by 10 cm wide.IMG_5325 Then I connected where the lines intersected to create the diamond shape.  Next step was to tape them off and start painting.IMG_5326

A little tip to prevent bleeding if you don’t have the best quality tape is to paint first in the base colour and then the second coat in the darker colour so once the tape is removed the lines are clean.IMG_5328
IMG_5331 This tape is not the best quality.  The pink one is ok but still it is not that great.  I know there are some great painters tape available- I just can’t get them in Poland……which makes this project a bit more difficult.IMG_5334 My photos are a bit blurry but you can still see the mistakes.IMG_5335 And this is where the project gets frustrating.IMG_5341 I am still working on cleaning up the edges.  It is quite tedious but I will get there….eventually.IMG_5342

I did the same process with the centre point and lines on the sides and top.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a finished project!


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