A change of colour

When I opened my shop a year ago I didn’t know what to expect.  I believed that what I did would be successful but there was still a bit of uncertainty when opening a shop- not to mention opening a shop in a country that is not my own and then of course speaking another language!

From the very first month I made a profit.  A small one in the beginning- but I have always been able to pay my rent from my sales.

So now I have a larger space.  And it is full –just like my smaller shop was.  And I am busy.     Really busy.  I have expat clients as well as Polish clients.  I do work for interior designers and I have just recently been on a t.v. show which airs on December 25th.

This adventure has been really great- I am thrilled because it doesn’t seem like a job- which makes going in to work a joy.

However…..I have a few clients who would like their furniture painted- I am happy to do this and it is a big part of my work–but I have been painting so many things in Old White that my head is spinning.

Don’t get me wrong–I love Old White, it is a great colour, but after painting sooooo many things in Old White….I have been yearning to paint in a different colour.

Which is what I did.  I took a break from the Old White and decided to paint a little side table with Antibes Green.

This is how it looked before:





Soooo sorry for the poor quality photos!  I never can seem to remember to bring my camera….I am hoping Santa brings a few additions to my camera 😉  maybe this will help me remember!

Anyway, this piece is really quite old but the details are really great.  The legs are beautiful, the carving details are super and it has authentic worm holes!!  (this is a good thing.  I love painting furniture like this.  Once the colour is on it all of the details really shine through.  And I can’t even say how great Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is for this kind of job- not having to remove all of the old varnish is worth its weight in gold!

So I painted it in Antibes Green- I needed a colour jolt after painting so many things in Old White.  Actually, this piece really screamed Antibes to me.  I couldn’t imagine it in any other colour.

IMG_0893This is after one coat.  Antibes has great coverage but this piece was quite dark so for something like this- two coats is necessary.



IMG_0899The above three photos are after two coats.  You can really see the details so much better!

I will do the dark wax treatment on it tomorrow with a bit of an explanation of the technique.

Dark wax can be daunting but for bright colours like Antibes–the effect is super.

But that will have to wait until tomorrow!


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