Annie Sloan Work Book

I have been waiting for an order of paint for a few weeks.  My distributor in Holland didn’t have all the paint I needed from England so she needed to wait, causing my wait which caused a back up of paint sales in Poland.  Seeing as at this moment I am the only stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Poland (there is another one coming soon!), I sell to the entire country and the most popular colour here is “Old White”—which I didn’t have!

Anyway… a gift for the long wait, my distributor gave me the Annie Sloan Work Book which was just released last month.

I didn’t buy any because I really didn’t think they would sell here- based on language differences.  I have heard good things about them- these books can only be bought through a stockist, which follows Annie’s business philosophy.  So not expecting this book in my delivery,  I was so thrilled when I found it in one of the boxes!

Basically, like the name of it suggests, it is a work book for ideas and inspirations.  Not only that- it has loads of tips and suggestions.  It has the ability to be used as a great tool for references.



Inside are simple drawings and advice for colour selections based on furniture style or period. It is also made from sturdy paper and encourages you to paint, draw and write your inspirations and ideas in the book.
IMG_0880There are also pockets to hold swatches, inspirations and colours.IMG_0881

I love this book!  Actually, I don’t want to write or paint in it- it is far too nice!



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