How is this for new and exciting??

First a little back story.

I used to teach colour in home staging and furniture placement for home staging for a company in Warsaw.  The lady that owns the company is trying her hardest to bring the concept to Poland so she has done a few stories on morning television programs (like Canada AM) as well as some radio interviews.

When I opened my shop I stopped teaching but we have remained in contact.

So anyway, this past Friday she emailed me asking if I wanted to paint a wall closet for a new show she is doing.  Well, of course I do!  This is the pilot show for a new program about home staging homes and apartments in Poland.

Today we did our first filming.  I may not make it past the cutting room floor but the experience has been thrilling just the same.  And at least my work will be featured –which is key!

So the apartment is a pre war building with three metre high ceilings and original herringbone hardwood floors.  It is amazing but it is also a mess.  The kitchen is about 50 years old and even though the windows are large- the view is the building across the street or a tiny court yard filled with bird crap.

I am including a few photos, first is the massive wall closet:

Sorry for the phone photos- I have actually taken a photography course but haven’t had the time to put it to use!

This closet, as you can see, extends from floor to ceiling- it is a monster.  The client also doesn’t want to remove it–this is one of the issues in the episode, so I am going to paint it. We were filmed talking about colours (yes, in Polish) and the fact that I have no white- a little added drama for the show 🙂

In this photo you can also see the floor- which, except for the slope, is really quite nice.  All original.

The camera man and host.  It really is quite interesting filming a program.  Particularly when you have to do a few takes for one sentence!

I also proposed the painting of the chandelier.  Since this is a program about home staging the concept is to do all these changes with a minimal budget- the chandelier will be super after painting–the lightbulb is quite curious, however.

The fireplace which is made from stone, it actually is the strangest thing- it looks and feels like cheap particle board but it is actually stone.  The top portion will be drywall to the ceiling- that is what the discussion is about here.

The glass is being removed from the monster closet in the back, but have a look at these doors.  They are really great.  Unfortunately, they will be painted- I would love to see these doors stripped of the layers and layers of paint and brought back to life- they certainly don’t make doors like this anymore.

This is the filming of the host talking about her colour choice being painted on the wall.

So the show airs on the 25th of December- pretty good slot!  I don’t know if I will be in it, maybe just my back while I paint the monster- but that is good for me!!








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