The restyle of the restyle

First of all I must apologize for the poor photos.  I have taken these with my phone.  The good news is that tomorrow I am taking a week end photography course with hopes of improving my pictures.


I am painting and staining a table for a client as well as painting and changing the fabric of the seats of six chairs.

This is how the chair originally looked like:

I don’t think it is Ikea but it is something similar.  Typical flat pack furniture.

This is how the chair came to me:

I am pretty certain the fabric is Ikea. I removed the red fabric and the plaid was hiding underneath.

So I painted the wood in ASCP Country Grey.  Great colour.  It is a true beige- with no hint of yellow.  It works well with everything.

My client had already bought the fabric for the chair at Ikea so I just stapled it on.  I was quite shocked this was Ikea fabric- it doesn’t scream Ikea.  I do like Ikea but I tend to stay away from their fabrics just because they are very distinguishable.

And this is the result:

I think it looks pretty good!  I am refinishing a birch table for this lady.  I have painted the legs in Old White and stained the top in a light oak colour.  If anybody has ever stained birch before—you know it can be a bit frustrating because the stain doesn’t evenly take……that is another story- but it all worked out!




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