I am a hoarder.


I think I have a hoarding problem.   Actually, I know I do.  I am a fabric hoarder.  Here is the proof.

I would probably be embarrassed except I know that many others that do the same kind of thing that I do—have the same problem.

I love linen.  It really is versatile and timeless.  It can be used for clothing, curtains, upholstery, bags…on and on.


In fact, this is my linen duvet cover:

It really is dreamy to sleep under.

So….I seem to be collecting so that I will have a good selection on hand for future uses.

I am also hoarding fabric that I buy from Allegro (like ebay).  They are all second hand throw aways from the not to distant past–like the 80’s and 90’s.  Some of them are really nice and some of them are kind of hideous!

So why am I buying them?

Well, I am in the process of organizing for my new shop.  The ceiling is quite high in the new place so I am sewing bunting/banner/pennants to hang from some of the beams so it doesn’t feel like a big warehouse.  Because these banners/pennants/bunting will be hung higher- the details in the fabric are not so important.  So it is OK if some of the fabrics are a little ugly.

Sewing bunting/banners/pennants are quite simple- I don’t think I need to do a tutorial- basically, cut the flags to the shape you want then sew them to something like bias tape and space them how you would like them…c’est tout!

Because I am trying to use a majority of recycled materials in my shop- I thought this was a great way to use some fabrics that you may have thought should never see the light of day again.

Perfect example:  The lovely red fabric has made a reappearance from the early 90’s- but a small triangle of these is all that is needed for impact.  And the flowers are barely noticed when hung.


Here are a few of the other flags from some of the different materials I have collected.



Ugly right?  I know they are but when viewed at a distance they have a different look.


These are quite nice…and who doesn’t love a polka dot?


So once I have sewn all the flags on to the bias tape it will look something like this:


Not so bad, eh?

I couldn’t imagine having a full window of the red fabric but a triangle is no big deal- doesn’t seem so ugly.


I will revisit the bunting/banner/pennant when I have the shop organized- an action shot.

Shabby and chic.  An easy way to give new life to otherwise unloved fabrics.


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