What is new and exciting in my part of the world…..

well, I am working on moving to a new larger space.  We are currently in negotiations for a larger warehouse kind of space just down the road from where I am now.  It has loads of potential.

Which really means it is a disaster.

The good points:

Large open space, three rooms- a show room, work studio and a room for painting classes.

The bad points:

It needs a coat of paint, or three, in the entire space, the front elevation needs to be redone and the yard area needs cleaning and organizing.

Because I am married to a “leasing agent extraordinaire” we are trying to get the most bang for our buck.

The name of it is going to be something like “Poppy, prawdziwy Vintage”  or something similar as well as “Brush studio”.

Poppies are an important flower over here.  There are fields upon fields of them in the warmer months and the seeds are used in baking.  I think it suits the style well.


My kids start school next week–ah yes, this day has finally come!  The end of the summer seems to just drag on and on.  The kids are ready to start school and I am ready for them to start school!

I am also in training to run 5k.  Or rather, I was.  I am doing this program called “couch to 5k” –it is a great program because it starts you off slowly.  It is an 8 week program and by the end of it you should be able to run 5k.

I am in the 8th week.  I am running about 4k.  Or rather, I was.  I somehow hurt my foot.  I don’t think I hurt it from running- I seem to remember stepping on something and it hitting directly on my arch.  So now I can’t run.  I tried to the other day- I ran the 4k but when I stopped my foot was in so much pain I thought I was going to faint.

So now I have a meeting with a specialist in sports medicine so he can fix me and then I will finish the 8th week and ultimately 5k.

So this is what is happening where I live…..fingers crossed on the new space!


2 thoughts on “What is new and exciting in my part of the world…..

  1. Diana Barcus

    Take care of your foot. I had a physical therapy company for 16 years and the sports med guy will fix you right up. Your warehouse sounds fabulous. Oh…you may have already seen this site but just in case, I am sharing it. I have learned many new things and my house has benefited from it. http://www.inmyownstyle.com

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