What I have been doing lately…


a lot of painting for a lot of different people and that is cool with me.  I have been hired to paint a kitchen- my first in Poland.  I am quite excited with this- painting kitchens in Poland is not at all common.  I am here to prove a point!  With little money and a can of paint- a whole new look can be achieved.

I am starting with these door fronts. (sorry about the blurry photo)

They are beech.  They are in good shape- just slightly dated and they kind of look cheap.  I am painting them with Old White, at the request of my client, and giving them a light distressing.

They are looking great so far!  The only problem is that I am having to do a few more coats than normal.  Usually, I am able to get excellent coverage with two coats- but for some reason I need three coats- even four with these doors.

I am nowhere near finished.  In fact I have just started.  My client came to drop off the rest of the furniture and four chairs and she was thrilled.

The other problem is that I have run out of Old White….I am down to my last pot!  I have sold three pots in the last week and I am waiting for my delivery.

This is after painting:


This is after one coat of wax and distressing:I think they will look really great when everything is completed.  Now if my paint would just hurry up and get here!



2 thoughts on “What I have been doing lately…

  1. Michelle Cesar

    I am here in California, dreaming about what color to paint my kitchen cabinets with AS paint. Searching the web, i found your blog. If you can share any more tips about your cabinet experience, do tell. I would love to see more pictures as well.

    1. MIchelle, it was a lot of work but the change is unbelievable- it is like a new room. I waxed 3 times- 3 very thin coats. I didn’t paint the insides of the cabinets but just the frames visible when the doors are closed and the interiors of the glass cabinets as well as the insides of the doors. This project was for a client- I don’t have photos yet- fingers crossed, next week. She is always cooking and I want some decent photos without pots and pans!
      It was a lot of work- no way around it- but the results can be amazing!

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