The bathroom chair

This one was tough.  It took forever and of course I forgot to take a photo from the very beginning of this project.

I have a return client who wanted me to fix up a chair that she had for her bathroom.  Nobody sat in this chair, I think it was just used for towels or to hang things from.

This is it:

Almost.  I had actually already removed the icky mint green fabric that was on the chair before- so this is its underwear.  This chair is original.  The carving details are beautiful- but there were a few poorly done repairs–including the springs which were a bit of a nightmare.

So after taking off the previous fabric and repairing the springs to the best of my ability, I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ in Paris Grey.

This was after one coat.

Paris Grey flies out of my shop.  I can’t keep it in stock.  It is quite interesting how some colours will sell while others will sit- and it varies from country to country.  What is popular in Sweden is different than in the U.K and in France.  Paris Grey has a touch of blue in it and it works well with most colours.

So after I painted with the grey- I really wanted to highlight the carvings- so I painted those with Old White then waxed and sanded with 240 grit paper.

I love how it looks–as if it always looked like this.

Next I tackled the upholstery.  Because this chair will be in the bathroom- I suggested that I upholster with a white towel- and my client absolutely agreed!  This is the first time I have upholstered with a towel…word of warning- it is a bit different than regular fabric.  There is no stretch to it and after cutting the towel there are loads of little threads that unravel.

So I stapled the towel to the seat and then to hide all the staples I applied decorative trim.

As you can see the trim is an old white colour but the towel is a very bright white.  I was a bit nervous about this combination but after looking at it for a while….I think it works.  It is a bit unconventional and unexpected–a bit whimsical.  You can also see that I still need to tidy up some of the threads….like I said- this one is taking forever.


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