Trying to get caught up

Taking a holiday when it is not the typical holiday season has its ups and downs.  Major bonus was that the crowds in the cities and places we visited were not huge.  Major downside is that I have loads of work to catch up on for those who didn’t take holidays and are waiting for their furniture to be painted!

So….I will be taking some time off from writing- just till I get caught up and organized and back to normal.

Happy painting!


3 thoughts on “Trying to get caught up

  1. Hi I am from NZ (with a very coloured background – Polish included…) and I am looking for somwhere to print my work (images) onto linnen tea towels.. Are you able to point me in the right direction?

  2. Hello. I love your work and I was wondering about the paint you sell. I live in Prague. I am interested in learning how to paint designs on linen. Do your paints work on linen? Is it possible to get a distressed paint look on linen? I would love to add my son’s initials to a box and to my spinning wheel – in French lettering style. Any suggestions as to how to get a few initials. So many questions and where do I start. Regards, Maria B

  3. Maria, the paint will work on linen but the paint is quite thick normally- you will have to dilute it with water and paint in layers to get the darkness you want.
    as for the letters- I have found a great technique. If you search for “tattoo font generator” you will find many websites that will create different fonts for the words you want to use. Select the size you need then print the word. Then you can use tracing paper and trace the word where you want it.

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