All because I dropped the door….

I am winding down for our big European tour starting tomorrow but I thought I would show a piece I just finished today.

This is the before:

Ugly, no personality, cheap pine furniture.  Blah!  I like pine but this was ugly!

I removed the varnish from the top and stained with a dark walnut then waxed.

The base I painted with Graphite and the interior I painted with Sienna Yellow–I think that is Arles for the rest of the world.

Actually what I tried to do first was fill in the ugly diamonds.  On the body- it was no problem but on the door….nothing but problems- I couldn’t get it to look good.  The paint on the filler dried differently than the wood- still leaving the diamond showing through.

And then I dropped the door.   What happened was the panel inside slid….and a lightbulb went off in my head!  Of course!!!  Remove the panel- so easy!

I had some floral arrangement wire….I can’t find chicken wire here- so I have a substitute.  The only problem is that it is copper- so I just painted it slightly to remove some of the shine.  Then I stapled the wire to the inside of the door and covered the staples with trim.


How is that for a before and after…..and it all started with my slippery fingers!


14 thoughts on “All because I dropped the door….

  1. Does not even look like the same piece. Don’t you love it when things like that happen. I found you on Miss Mustard Seeds Linky Party.

  2. Janice Lacerna

    Hi, What is this graphite? I love these colors and would like to do this on some chairs I bought, but someone said the graphite rubs off. Advice please. This is sooo beautiful. I love the color.

    1. It is graphite. I have never had a problem with graphite or any of ASCP rubbing off anything. The only problems I have had were with new Ikea furniture. They put some sort of coating on them -but this is easily fixed with a light sanding. Thanks for the compliment!

      1. maura dolan

        i am new at this … .is it graphite paint? If so, could you tell me the brand/name that you used? I am a bit nervous to choose, but I love the look. thanks!

      2. oh dear, sorry it took me so long! The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Follow her website for the closest stockist. The colour is graphite. It really is the best paint- you don’t need to prep the surface. You can paint straight away on old lacquer and paints. There is also loads of information on many blogs. good luck!

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