At the seaside

Last week in Poland we had a few holidays during the week days so many people just extended for the whole week, including us!  We went to the north of Poland to the Baltic coast.  This is the part of Poland where my husband is from.  It has a different feel to it than the rest of Poland.  It seems to be a bit more relaxed….more relaxed than Warsaw anyway.   The tri city area of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk are not to be missed if ever you make your way to this part of the world.

Gdynia is a new city with most of its architecture stemming from the 30’s, Sopot is a resort town and Gdansk has lovely Gothic and Baroque architecture with a heavy Dutch influence.(Sorry I have no photos)

The tri city area is also the birthplace of the Solidarity movement which also led the way in ending the cold war.

We were actually on the Hel (no joke) peninsula, where the Baltic has an open side and a closed side–and the air is really fresh.

The above photos were taken at around 9 pm.  The sun goes down really late here during the summer months.   This is the open Baltic…if you swim, sail, windsurf across- you will eventually hit Sweden.

The above photos are the closed side of the Baltic- the Bay of Puck.  The waters are calm and shallow and the winds are strong which makes it a perfect windsurfing/kitesurfing destination.

The days were sunny, a touch cold but not enough to prevent many from getting their first windsurfing days of the year.

After a week up there I am finding it quite difficult to get back into the swing of things!


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