Aubusson Blue

This colour is stunning.  It is named after the grey blue colour that was typical of Aubusson rugs in 18th and 19th century France.  It is dreamy.

I started with this:

Great lines and curves and decorative elements.  There was damage on the top and some on the veneer but nothing major.

I have to say that these photos kind of make this piece better looking than it actually is.  Even though the carving details are quite lovely- the rest of this is tired and worn out–in need of a re-do.

I painted the whole piece with Aubusson blue and because I wanted to highlight the gorgeous carving details I painted those with Chateau Grey and then highlighted using Old White.

I then clear waxed and distressed…and then distressed some more.

This is the result!

I am pretty pleased with it.  The wood carvings were in great shape but I think they look so much better now- they are more of a feature where before the most noticeable part of the furniture was the veneer.

The legs are another super detail.  I couldn’t stop this project- I was dying to see how it would turn out- Aubusson Blue is on the list of my favourite colours for sure!


14 thoughts on “Aubusson Blue

  1. I also love the Aubusson Blue. Have used it on several pieces and love how it turns out. Just did a table and distressed it and put the dark wax on it and it was beautiful. Sold it right away. Love the highlights that you gave this piece. You did a wonderful job for something that needed a lot of love and care. Great!!
    Betty Whatley

      1. Sherri I agree with Kathy. The color was prefect in the Aubusson Blue. One of my favorite colors int he Annie Slaon paint. The details that you did on the piece just made it. Prefect.
        Betty Whatley

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