Joie de Vivre…Mais, bien sur!!!

I had a lady come in a few weeks ago looking for a white pedestal table–like the one Ikea has.  I told her I didn’t have regular stock but I am always looking for new pieces- If I found something I would give her a call.

As luck would have it I found something that evening and bought it straight away.

Exactly this:

The bones of it are great.  It is solid oak–I actually had a hard time painting this one…..but I am glad I did!

I painted the whole thing in Old White then used the wet cloth method to distress then finished with clear wax.  I suggested painting the frieze/apron with a French wording stencil.  This lady speaks French….as luck would have it- so I didn’t have to convince her- she was in total agreement.

So I stenciled Joie de Vivre all around- it was very easy to do.  I was dreading this because I did something to my back and have been visiting a chiropractor this week- so bending and lifting is a bit more strenuous.

This is the result!  Much better than the mass produced one from Ikea!



I think that when a table like this is painted the shapes are much better highlighted- even the wood looks better than a big chunk of oak.

Joy of living (joie de vivre) is often centred around a table….I hope she enjoys it!



15 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre…Mais, bien sur!!!

  1. jo


    This is lovely. How did you space the lettering? I would be scared to death? Would love to see a tutorial on this table or something similar. What a beautiful piece.

    1. I kind of just guesstimated the spacing. As long as they all have similar spacing I wasn’t too worried if one was slightly wider. Where the letters met up was the hardest but I managed to join it so that you can’t tell.

  2. Love the writing around the apron. I’m getting ready to paint my round Scan dining table to move it into the kitchen and have been looking for some inspiration. Thank you. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    1. Georgia, with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint there are many methods of distressing. Because it is a water based paint, once the paint dries it is possible to remove paint or distress with a wet sponge or cloth instead of sand paper.

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