Polish Flag

Last week a Scottish lady came in with her son and asked me to paint an old wooden box they had.  Of course!  The box is made from pine- it is a lovely old piece with a lot of nicks and scratches and dents.–sorry- no photo, I was sure I took one, but can’t find it anywhere!

He was the decision maker in this project.  He wanted the Polish flag with the word “Polska” on the front of the box.  I told him that because the box was old I was going to paint it in that style and really distress the paint to show the wood underneath.

He was happy with that.

So I painted the body in Country Grey and did the flag on the top with Old White and Emperor’s Red.  I then added clear wax and also dark and then sanded it down.  I also added on the front the word Polska in Amsterdam Green and also distressed to show the lighter colour under it.

This is the result:

This project was perfect for a flag because it is wider than it is deeper- so the flag is the shape it is supposed to be.  I also painted directly over the handles on the sides and waxed and distressed.

I think it is pretty cute!


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