Nothing to do with decorating…

…but I figured since both my mother and mother-in-law read my blog in Canada–they would like to read this!

My eldest is a sporty girl.  She plays hockey, downhill bikes, runs, cross country skis and this year she learned how to snowboard.

This past week end she completed in her first bike race.  Nine km through the forest just outside of Warsaw.  She came in 14th for her division and 8th for her age.  We were all thrilled for her.

Good job Matylda!!

Before the race.

The line up to the start.

Her group taking its place at the start.

Waiting to ride.

A very excited Tata.

And they are off!

Twenty minutes later…..

Very muddy but very happy girl!

So there is another race this week end.  I am riding with my youngest and Matylda is riding with her group again.  The dog and Bartek will be cheering from the sidelines.

Tomorrow I am flying to Birmingham, England for a Chalk Paint stockist conference … is supposed to rain for three days straight but I am sure I will have loads of fun anyway!


3 thoughts on “Nothing to do with decorating…

  1. Gillian Yeoman

    Well done Matylda!!!! We look forward to hearing how you do next weeken. From your proud Nana and Papa!

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