Cooking with kids!

Is fun as long as the recipes are simple!!  (In my opinion, anyway!)

My youngest has been asking me to bake cookies since Thursday.  I really wanted to but after all the Easter chocolate and sweeties that we have indulged in I have been putting it off –until today.  We went for a long bike ride today so I figured today would be a good enough day.

I searched for an easy recipe that can be made with few ingredients.  Shortbread!!  perfect.  I know shortbread is typically a Christmas cookie- but nothing wrong with having Scottish shortbread during Easter holidays- is there?

So we gathered the ingredients.  All three of them.  Yes, three- it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Scottish Shortbread Cookies

2 cups of butter (no substitutes)

1 cup of packed brown sugar

4 and a half cups of all purpose flour.

*I use metric for all things except baking.  I just find it so much easier to measure ingredients by cups or spoons instead of by weight.  When I was in school, Canada made the change to metric- so I know both metric and imperial measurements.

Cream butter and sugar together.  We used the very helpful KitchenAide mixer–a super star in the kitchen.

Then slowly add 3 and 3/4 cups of flour to the mix until a fairly sticky dough is formed.

Next spread the remaining flour on a cutting board and knead the dough into the flour until it becomes quite stiff.  There will be flour remaining- it is not necessary to use it all.

On a flat surface – roll out the dough so it is about 1cm thick.

Then cut out the shapes you want and prick lightly with a fork.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 165 degrees Celcius for about 15 minutes- until the edges start to darken slightly.

Allow to cool –then tuck in!!

I think we will do this again…probably at Christmas!  This is a great recipe for younger bakers- My 12 year old and 7 year old had no problems with this at all.


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