The non wreath.

I am not really a wreath person.  I like making them, I like what other people have created- some people are so inspirational….but I just don’t like them in my house.  Strange?  Probably!

So the other day I was walking my dog in the field close to our house.  Meet Luna.


There are a few pheasants there and she loves sniffing them out and chasing after them once they fly.

While on our walk I found a bunch of branches somebody had cut and thrown away after cleaning up their garden.  So I picked up about six of them and brought them home to create something interesting with…..I hoped!

So they sat in the garage for a few days until today when I thought it would be nice to make some sort of stick and branch wreath..or non wreath.

So first I cut the branches in half and with the portion of the branch that had no smaller branches growing from it- I made into the shape of a triangle and fastened with wire.

Next I added the top portion of the branches that had smaller branches growing from it.

Then I added some pussy willows to give it some interest and then I tied jute string where the branches meet up to disguise the wire.

I think it is pretty cute!

I actually had plans to hang it outside but I ended up hanging it on my fireplace.  I have a corner fireplace with no mantle so I don’t have the opportunity to decorate that space….but I think this looks good!  It is rustic but could easily work in a modern space–actually I could see it in a lot of settings and not necessarily hanging on a wall.


So it is kind of a wreath without being to much of a wreath!  Silly, I know- bottom line…I like it!

I did discover that these branches are from a raspberry bush–there are a few dried raspberries remaining on the smaller branches….and loads of tiny thorns that have scratched the heck out of my hands….but it still looks cute!



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