Dark wax technique project

This is what I was working on:

The body of it is in good shape, however, there is a shelf missing behind the doors and there were some sort of sliding doors that would have been on the top portion- probably glass because there is a track next to the molding which is quite narrow.

You can’t tell from this photo but part of the caning is slightly damaged- just a small hole- nothing major.  There is also loads of dust behind the caning.

I painted the exterior with Country Grey and the interior with Old Violet.  I decided to do the dark wax technique on the Country Grey because once I had painted this the texture from the old lacquer was really coming through and I wanted to highlight these details as well as the rope style moulding  and the caning.

I did all of the exterior with dark wax and was really happy with it- then I waxed the Old Violet….not so happy.  It didn’t look good.  The interior was just too dark so you couldn’t really see the details in the paint and it just looked messy.  Luckily, with Annie Sloan’s paint it is possible to paint straight away without removing the wax.  So…I painted the interior again with Old Violet and then waxed with the clear wax- much better!

I also took the doors apart- it was quite easy, really, the back piece was only nailed on to the front.  The caning I painted with Country Grey and the back board I painted in Old Violet.  Unfortunately in the photos that is not quite evident.

I don’t think it is even noticeable that there is a track for sliding doors- it looks like it is an added detail and I can’t even see where the hole in the caning was!  I will price this quite cheaply and point out the damage if somebody is interested but once again just goes to show the magic of paint!


9 thoughts on “Dark wax technique project

  1. You put a lot of work into this and it is a beautiful unique piece. Price it accordingly – not cheaply! You can always point out the small hole in the cane for full disclosure; but this is a beautiful piece due your hard work and talent and you deserve to be paid for your work. 🙂

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