Dark wax technique

I do  this technique quite often.  It creates a lovely patina giving the impression that the furniture has been passed on from generation to generation.

I am working on a cabinet- which I will show tomorrow….today is just the tutorial.

Here I have the cabinet doors:

This is actually the inside.  So…start off by painting two coats.  This colour is Country Grey.  Paint in every direction.  Don’t be concerned with painting in straight lines- painting every which way adds to the character of the piece.

Do two coats of painting every which way.

Once the paint has dried you will need the dark wax, wax brush and a old cloth.

Work in small areas.

Apply the dark wax with the wax brush.

Be sure to get into all the cracks and crevices.

Then let it sit for about one minute- if you are using a light paint colour it really isn’t necessary to have it sit but the darkers colours will need a bit of time to darken.

Then with the old cloth and wearing a rubber glove (thanks Sarah for that tip http://storegarden.blogspot.com/ ) wipe off the excess wax.

This is where you can make some spots darker than others but be certain there are no clear patches that have been missed.  It is quite messy- that is why the glove is handy.  Really work the wax in to the paint and then wipe off the rest.

So once the small section is complete- move on to the next and keep going until it is completed.

You can see how the wax really shows the brush direction and all the little groves and textures in the paint.  Also be certain that you don’t create lines that overlap in the wax when moving from one small space to another.  It can be fixed with the brush but be mindful that where the wax has overlapped it will be darker.

This is the door front after this technique.

More on that tomorrow!

This is a really great method to tone down some of the brighter colours such as Emperor’s Red and Antibes.


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