Made in England

The furniture and the client!

My regular English lady that pops in all the time brought this in for her daughter’s room last week.

Pretty basic pine furniture, good shape, good condition- just needed a little sprucing up.

It has a great decorative spindle detail on the side and the legs are quite nice too.  So far all the things I have painted for her have been similar to this- great shape but out of date.  (there is a joke in there somewhere)

I have a chest of drawers in the store that houses Annie Sloan’s paint.  I painted the Union Jack on the front of it…I don’t want to sell it but just as an example that I can do this for people, anyway, this piece is for her daughter so she wanted to have the flag on it—a reminder of England.

Painting the Union Jack is a pain.  Luckily it is all straight lines and I found this site

to guide me through the process.

First I sanded down the top and stained it with a dark walnut stain.

Next I painted the entire body in Old White.  Then I taped the lines for the red and painted.  After the red was dry I painted off the lines for the blue and painted.


I used Emperors Red and Old Violet which are not the true flag colours but give a worn aged look–exactly what I wanted.

Then I did touch ups and painted the drawer front top so that the stripes carry on even when the drawer is shut.

It is a nice detail and people really appreciate the little extras—and it doesn’t take any more time than normal.

Then I gave the entire piece the dark wax treatment and a good distressing.

It has a really great aged look to it as if it came by way of ship from the Old World to the New World.

An important note with this project–it is necessary to paint from light to dark.  Annie Sloan’s paints have great coverage but the red and blue are quite dark and I didn’t want to fuss over the chance of some of the paint not covering.

I gave the whole piece a coat of Old White and then only one coat of the Emperor’s Red and Old Violet.  When I distressed the piece the white was showing under the darker colours giving it an aged authentic patina.


6 thoughts on “Made in England

  1. Kristy

    Well done! I’ve done many union jack pieces and it is time consuming and meticulous and with all the details of your dresser just a bit harder then normal.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

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