I am learning how to take good pictures.  It isn’t easy.  In fact it is pretty tricky.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that there are loads of resources out there for pretty much any topic.  Photography is indeed one of them.  There are pages upon pages of websites and blogs dedicated to learning how to take photos and to actually take a photo on your own instead of the camera doing the work for you.

I know how to take a photo in manual mode.  Yeah!!!  I know what the aperture is, how metering is used, what the shutter speed numbers mean and what the ISO does!   I am still a beginner but I am on my way to taking better photos.  Now I need to practice.

So….here are some of my practice shots.  All taken in the same spot with the same lighting–I have just been manipulating the shutter speed.

Nothing like tulips to welcome the arrival of Spring.  We set our clocks ahead yesterday so our days our getting longer.  For the nine years I have lived in Poland I still find it strange to see daylight at 3 am.



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