a little romance….

can be added to furniture too!

I found this:

It is nothing special.  It is in good condition and has some nice decorative elements on the drawer fronts.

Last week I met with a lady who was in my shop- she has a flower shop about 10 minutes away from mine and she asked if I would be interested in putting something in her store —-of course!  This is a very good way to get the word out about my shop.

I had a lot of Old Violet left over and since I have fallen in love with this colour I thought it would be perfect in her shop with loads of flowers around it.

So I painted the whole thing with the Old Violet then stenciled Je T’aime on the top like I did on previous pieces- this time in Old White.

This is the result:

I found this sweet ceramic rose drawer pulls from Zara Home and thought they would be perfect.

I lightly distressed the edges of the top and then the body of the piece, particularly the drawer details.

I also finished inside the drawers with Amy Butler wall paper.

I think it is a pretty good representation of what I do in the store….hopefully this will lure a few clients in!!


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