Old Violet…oh baby!!

I opened a can of Annie Sloan’s Old Violet and was smitten.  What an amazing colour.  It is a blueish greyish colour that is really just stunning.

I started with this little side table:

The wood is Ash- not my favourite at all- every piece of Ash I have seen always looks really cheap, unfortunately because the wood is quite strong.  But it is in good shape and has nice decorative elements.  The only prep I did was filling in the holes where the previous handles were.

Then I simply painted with the Old Violet, clear waxed it, lightly distressed then added some patina with the dark wax.

This is the result.


Please excuse the mess in the back!  My work room is so full of stuff at this moment -I barely have any space to move!!  If you notice the blue piece just behind- that is actually Duck Egg Blue- you can see how the Old Violet has more grey to it.

I really like these carving details- it adds a subtle detail and dimension and always looks nice when lightly distressed.
The handles are from another piece I am working on but I think they suit the style quite well.  I usually have a stash of handles and knobs to replace the old ones but I have run out….time to shop!  Warsaw just got a Zara home and they have really nice knobs that suit the style I paint- unfortunately it is on the other side of the city so I can’t just pop in!


It seems as though every time I open a new colour of Chalk Paint- I fall in love!


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