English country

I don’t discriminate—I just like painting furniture no matter what country it comes from! I have a lovely client from England who is living in Warsaw for a few years- she has a few pieces of honey pine rustic English style that I have painted for her.
She came in last week with this:

It is in great shape- the only thing wrong with it is that it is quite outdated.

She knew what she wanted done with it- stain the top and paint the body and drawers. She chose Country Grey and away I went.

First I sanded down the old lacquer on the top because it was going to be stained with a dark walnut colour. First I used an 80 grit to remove the finish- then I went to 100, 120 and 180 so that it was smooth and would accept the stain well.

I then applied the stain on the entire top and wiped away the excess. Once that was dry I applied two coats of varnish in a semi matte finish.

Next I painted the body and drawers, waxed, sanded and waxed again with dark wax to give it a more rustic country look.


This is the result.


I think it turned out really great. The style of the furniture suits the paint technique and my lovely British lady just adored it! She told me she hated how it looked before but now she adores it and that is all I could hope for!!


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