Cane chair re do.

I have wanted to fix up a cane chair for quite some time but haven’t really found any that I liked very much- or the cane was damaged — replacing cane is not too difficult- I have just never done it before.

I found this chair on Allegro (online auction)

It is in great shape- just really ugly!!  The fabric on the cushion was old and worn- no smell but I needed to change it.

I painted the frame with Annie Sloan’s Country Grey, waxed and gave it a light distressing.  That was the easy part!  Cane is really easy to paint- the hardest part is getting into all the little spaces between the weaving.  Another issue is to be certain that there is no dripping on the opposite side that you are painting on- I found it best to work on a small area then do the back of that area to make certain there was good paint coverage and no drips.

I removed the old fabric from the cushion and happily discovered that the inside was in good shape.  It had its original springs as well as grass and batting then encased in a muslin cover.  I cut the cover to inspect what was under- but that was easily repaired.

So then I needed to make a new cover for this old cushion.

First I traced on paper the shape of the cushion then added a one cm seam allowance.

Then I did the same for the sides.  Next I sewed all four sides on to the top piece, then sewed three sides to the bottom piece- put the cushion inside and sewed the opening together by hand.

This cover was intentionally made too big because I wanted to finish off the seams with hand stitching creating a simple edging effect.

Basically- I hand sewed, using jute string, a simple straight stitch on the top and bottom of the chair cushion- a simple detail that gives the cushion some dimension.

This is the final result!

Some of the details:

This is one of the new fabrics I purchased from the linen factory in Zyrardow- it is actually a linen/cotton combination.  It was very easy to hand sew with the jute string because the weave is quite loose.  I haven’t decided if I should sew a cushion for the back of the chair- I really like the cane and it is comfortable when I sit in it. …I have to think about it, I guess.


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