Light on dark

I have a table that has been sitting in my work room since my store opened.  I have literally had no inspiration when it comes to this piece.

I don’t have a before photo because I bought it long before I jumped into this whole blog thing -but was oak, I think, nothing special- veneer on the top that has been damaged a bit on the edges.  It comes from the “between wars” period.  In Poland- furniture seems to be characterized as “before war”, “between wars” and “after war”.

Anyway, I tried to paint this piece “Old White” but it wasn’t agreeing with me.  The old lacquer was bleeding through the white- no matter how many times I painted it.

Then I painted it Amsterdam green…..and it has been sitting that way in my back room just collecting dust for four months.  Yesterday I thought I would revisit this piece- still nothing inspired me!  It is very simply with no distinguishing features- not suitable for a heavy distressing style of French country…..but I have French lettering stencils- so I thought I would give it a try- I had nothing to lose- only this time instead of the dark lettering on the light paint I did the reverse with the lettering in Paris Grey.

This is the result!

There is no distressing on this piece- I painted and stenciled and waxed.

I can’t express how much I love Amsterdam Green.  It really is great to paint with.  The coverage is amazing.

The photos show the sides and top as being lighter and darker- this is just the result of the light in my work room.  The colour is actually the same over the entire piece.

I love how this turned out- I like the contrast of the light and dark but also how a simple stencil turned this blah table into something fun.


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