Amsterdam Green

I love this colour. I love it because it changes colour based on what is paired with it or what is in the same space with it.  And it isn’t really a green but more blueish.  It is more green when it is wet -but it dries more blueish.

Amsterdam Green is one of my “go to” colours.  I like it for almost any use. It is lovely when distressed and showing the wood from the furniture under the paint.  It is equally lovely with no distressing.  Adding clear wax really makes this colour come to life and gives it a soft lustre.

Unfortunately, I think Amsterdam Green is only available in Europe- I remember when I took the stockist course in Oxford I was the only person that had this colour.  I have also had Antoinette for seven months where it is a new colour for many stockists in North America.

Some of my projects with Amsterdam Green:


The last picture is a piece I just finished yesterday.  Grey linen on the top and Amsterdam Green on the bottom- waxed and lightly distressed.

One of my favourite things about this colour is the fact that it will work in many settings.  For those of us who don’t have French country or rustic styling in our homes- this colour will still be at home with other furniture.

Hopefully stockists in the rest of the world will soon get this colour- no doubt you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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