Covering a stain….

is not difficult when you know what to do!

This week a lovely British lady came to the store to have me paint a second table from her home.  The table is a nice solid pine accent table/sofa table.  There was nothing wrong with it structurally- she just wanted it updated.  I am more than happy to accommodate her!

The only problem was that there was a large stain on the top from a red candle.  There was no wax on the table- just the colourant had stained the pine.


I gave the top a very light sanding just to be sure there were no blobs or bumps of wax then painted straight away with Annie Sloan’s Grey Linen.

As many of you know one of the great things about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is that there is no sanding or priming or removing of lacquer that must be done before.  The paint will adhere to wood, metal, plastic, concrete, old wax, paint and lacquer.  So I didn’t think painting over a wax stain would be any different.

Unfortunately after two coats the red wax stain was bleeding through the paint.  So I waxed and then painted again- no luck, the stain was still visible.

So this was when I went to the master herself!  Thanks to facebook any stockist can have a question answered or problem solved at a moments notice.  I described my situation and she recommended that I clear coat the paint with a poly/shellac/varnish to seal in the stain and then paint over the clear coat.

Which is exactly what I did- and it worked like a charm!

After the clear coat- I painted another layer of Grey Linen followed by clear and dark wax to distress.

This is the result:

The colours are Grey Linen on the top and the body is Country Grey- this was what the client requested- I think it looks super.

So now I know what to do if I am faced with another stain situation!

If anyone has any questions about the chalk paint please ask.  My email is under “about me” in the menu above.  If I can’t answer the question than I will go directly to the source.



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