Little glass bottles…

exactly- apothecary bottles.

I bought some- I think there were 36 of them.  Which led me to search for ideas for something to do with them.  I came across a few photos but they were sort of expected.  Labels and tags and of course putting things in them.

Here are a few of my own ideas …along with the expected tag and label.

I wrapped some string around the neck of the bottle and attached 5 bottles to one piece of string- kind of like a pennant.

A simple grouping- little pieces grouped together has more impact than one standing alone.

By lining them up it is possible to see the contrasts in shape and colour- easy peasy idea -I also added a few strands of lavender but I think it would look just as good without.

I wrapped lovely jute string around these and then put some lavender buds inside.  The buds were not necessary but some of these bottles are quite dirty- I soaked them and even ran them through the dishwasher but I can’t get the dirt out of them.

I decoupaged a small piece of sheet music on the front as a substitute for a label.

And of course- a label!

Easy and quick ideas to repurpose old bottles from an apothecary.

Just a word of warning.  No matter how many times I cleaned these the dirt would not come out which without a doubt were chemicals.  I would only use these for display and not for something like a little girls tea set or similar- they are cute but not safe for drinking from.


2 thoughts on “Little glass bottles…

  1. Sarah

    Hi, I also bought a load of little glass bottles and was wondering what to do with them , so after doing exactly what you did , I had some left over and hung them from my blossom tree in the garden ! Some with string some with metal wire ! It looks very pretty and my little girl said ” ooh mummy look at our magic tree! ” .

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