This one is for me!

Ever since we moved into our new house I have wanted a new dining table but have been busy doing one thing or another for my shop.  Our old table was too small and too squeaky and it was starting to get on my nerves a bit.

I really wanted a big harvest or trestle table but finding one that is not outrageously priced is hard to come by.  I found this one:

-it was super cheap but kind of ugly.  So I bought it with the intention of making it more to my taste.

First step was to cut off the ugly wings that are on the legs.  It took a while as this table is sold oak and really really heavy.

After I cut the wings off I sanded the edges on all sides of the legs and then painted them with Annie Sloan’s Old Linen.  I didn’t distress but just added clear and dark wax.

On to the table top.  Getting this big beast on to my work table was hard enough!  I sanded and stained with a dark walnut stain and then sealed it with two coats of semi matte lacquer.

And this is the result!

I was actually trying to match the table top with the legs of the chairs but it didn’t work out- but I am happy just the same.

It is a great table for  family meals, sewing projects and just hanging out around.  It isn’t wobbly or squeaky and I am sure the scratches and dents that my kids will inflict will only add to its character.


I am not a matchy matchy type person anyway- we live in our house and it gets messy!

The leg after I cut the wing from it.

And the foot.

I am sure we will really enjoy this table.


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