My trip to the linen factory!

Before the war Poland was known for its fabrics- particularly linens.  They were exported to countries such as France, Germany and Russia.

There is a small town close to Warsaw called Zyrardow which was considered to be the centre of linen manufacturing in Poland.  The town has a great relatively modern history and didn’t receive a lot of damage from the war.

Today I drove to Zyrardow to visit the linen factory and ultimately buy rolls of linen to stock in my store.

The town has lots of interesting architecture- even the linen factory was pretty impressive.  I did some shopping and picked up three rolls to test the market with the hopes of returning for more.  I was also given a book about the history of Zyrardow and the linen factory itself- it is pretty impressive!  Originally owned by Polish men who then sold it to German brothers who then sold it to another Pole.  The man that invented the machinery was French- which is where the name of the town is adapted from.

So this is what I saw:

This is part of the original factory from 1913.  There is a beautiful store with all things linen as well as part of the factory and the wholesale department.

More of the factory- this part is actually not being used.  There is a developer who is renovating a portion of the factory into upscale hard lofts.

More of the untouched factory.

A portion of the interior that is not being used.  Today this building was extremely cold.  The pipes had frozen from the cold spell we are in and none of the heating or plumbing was working.  In fact, it was actually colder inside than out!

Some of the machinery that is used today.

The machinery of days gone by.

The beautiful old floor.

My purchases.  I only bought three rolls this time.  I really want to do a test run to see if there is a desire for linen sold by the metre.

As you may have guessed–I love linen.  It is such a beautiful natural fabric that can be used in so many ways- from bed linens to curtains to even everyday items like re usable shopping bags, aprons and dish towels.

I also love that Zyrardow is so close to Warsaw and fingers crossed I will be visiting again soon!


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