A time filler project…Valentine’s!

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at my store.  It was a cold day, not a lot of people were out and about- it was a good day to vacuum and mop the floors and get organized for next week.

So after all was tidy and I sanded all the varnish from my new table top- I really had nothing to do.

A while ago I sent Miss Mustard Seed a few Polish grain sacks- in exchange she sent me some stencil that I had chosen from one of her sponsors.  The are French script stencils “joie de vive” and “je t’aime”.

I have this little table that was one of my first projects for the store- It has a nice base but the top was rather dull.  I originally painted it in Versailles and then I stenciled some flowers on it.  It was cute but nothing special and seeing as I had some time to fill I thought I would revamp the table top with one of the stencils. (sorry no photo of the before)

Je T’aime is rather fitting for the month of February….perfect choice!

I repainted the top in Country Grey then stenciled with Graphite. Then finished with clear and dark wax.

A small change, simple project with lots of impact!

I found the centre point on the table and started there.  Then I alternated alignment of the stencil- kind of like the method bricks are laid in.

Here is the result.  Pretty cute, eh!  I think I will have to try this technique on a few other pieces.  Stenciling with Chalk Paint is really easy- the paint dries so quickly that there was no mess or smudges at all.  I only gave the sides a light distressing- I don’t think it needs it but the pedestal was already distressed.

That big chunk of oak in the back is my soon to be dining table….I think I need to find something similar to use as a backdrop for photos!

And just in time for Valentine’s day!


14 thoughts on “A time filler project…Valentine’s!

  1. Patricia Perry

    I was unable to get that stencil with the link you gave. Any other ideas? Thank you… loved your work and the table.

  2. Mine and my husband’s favorite saying is Je t’eme. I was just given an antique dresser from my aunt and need to refinish it. I thought your je t’eme stencil idea was brilliant and would be perfect for the dresser top. I saw you got it from Miss Mustard Seed but when I went to her site I couldn’t see where I could buy one. Do you know where I could get one?

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