Decorating with……stuff!

It is so easy to pop into any big box home decorating store and find something to fill the spaces on your walls and on your shelves.  Mass produced items that perhaps your neighbour two doors down has on their wall too.

Nothing wrong with it.  But a home should reflect who we are as people.  What we like and how we live.

My walls have photos of my family and paintings done by Polish artists.  I also don’t have a lot of wall space- my house is in a grouping of four attached to the house next door and behind- one side of my house has large window and one side is all wall and stairs.  Different concept but we have a lot of light and only one large side yard- no back or front yard.

I don’t have any  shelves on the main floor so I don’t have a lot of things on display- just what is on my walls.  And this works for us.

This is why I like having a store.  I am able to collect things and display them and also rearrange them whenever I want.  I like old things.  I also like thrift store, open air markets or garage sale shopping and I like decorating with items that may not normally be used for decorating.

It is more interesting than mass produced decor items, more of a challenge to repurpose old items and reflects our own personality.

Here are some of the things in my store that would be fun to use as decorative items.  They are all a rustic/country style- which is another issue in my own house.  My own style is very eclectic.  I have some 60’s style furniture and I love fabric.  I also have an Indian style table and at this moment I am working on a big trestle table for my dining area- I don’t really have any rustic or country in my house at all.

An old bird cage, two French crates and some Polish linen grain sacks.  It would seem that Pralong and Laragne are both cities in France, one in the Alps and one close to Lyon- so my guess would be this crate was used to transport items in that area- the Vittel is water.

There are so many things you could do with those crates!  Same with the birdcage.  As for the grain sacks- I have had pillows made from them and a reusable shopping bag which holds so many things and is really strong.

In the above there is an old trunk, an old iron, candlesticks that I found and some old wooden shoe stretchers as well as an old enameled bucket.  How fun would the shoe stretchers be on a shelf or the iron as a book end.

And this is just an idea!

There are many blogs out there with the junk decor theme.  This is a good one:

She does an amazing job of repurposing old items- some things you never in a million years would expect!

Don’t be afraid to decorate with things that some would think as garbage…you just never know how it will look on a mantel or shelf.


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