To say the least- that is what this next project was!

There is a chap who lives in the neighbourhood where my store is and he is constantly bringing stuff in for me to buy.  Mostly it is old crap nobody wants….actually, the same with this next project!

Somebody tried to refinish this piece.  There is some swirly details, some layering and some distressing.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that under this red mess is wood- mostly wood, anyway.  The bottom of it isn’t but that is not a big deal.


The swirling thing was pretty “hip” in the 90’s- I remember it well.  I lived in a big old house with a group of my friends when I was at college- we had left over furniture that had been donated by our families and my room mate did a swirly detail on the chest of drawers that the t.v. was on…..(perfect for watching 90210).

Anyway….current day- this is a disaster- actually looks like it was involved in a homicide.  I actually stopped what I was doing to paint this right away- I couldn’t look at it!

So, I painted this in Grey Linen and then used light and dark wax.  There was a tiny bit of distressing showing the old red paint.  Just for fun I painted the interior red- Annie Sloan’s Primer Red…just to remind me what it actually looked like before!

Incidentally,  that big piece of wood behind is going to be my new dining table….soon!

So much better!  The spindles are a nice detail.

The red looks pretty streaky in this photo- I have only done one coat and it is drying but I will do a second coat.


This piece actually does have some nice details- the top has great curves, the spindles, the feet and some added touches on the front- but nobody could see it from the red hot mess that was the before.

Just goes to show the power of paint…..use it wisely!!


8 thoughts on “Make….under

  1. Nancy Howerton

    That is gorgeous!! Love seeing this–I keep thinking I will start painting furniture–you are definitely an inspiration!

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