Welcome to Brush…Zapraszam do Brush!

I thought it might be interesting to see some of the interior of my store.  The exterior…..is a bit of a, well- let’s say mess.  Rightfully so, it is a pre war building in the former Jewish district of Konstancin.  It used to be a kosher butcher shop (don’t really want to think too much about that) but unfortunately it has been unloved and has had one cheap and half hearted renovation after another.  But- it has charm and suits the kind of work I do.

This spring we plan to fix the front of the building as well as the back…more on those details in the spring!

I was asked by Annie Sloan to take some photos so she can put them on her website under “stockists”–so if you visit her site (www.anniesloan.com) you may find some familiar photos.

This is a handmade basket from Poland- I have a few of these here.  I also have some lavender grown in Poland and there is my tag that I stamp and cut for the furniture…and string.  Specifically linen string.  For some reason I have fallen in love with string.

This of course is Annie Sloan’s paint and wax display.  The chest of drawers inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s blog- it houses the paint and wax.  There is one of Annie Sloan’s books- in Polish so that those interested can see her works.  Also there are some handmade bowls and plates from a ceramic artist and hanging on the wall is a sign that I have painted.  I have a few of those.

Some of the furniture I have done and more baskets.

This is the kitchen door front display wall.  I have a carpenter that I have worked with for about 6 years -he does super custom furnitures for kitchens, baths, closets-etc.

My recent project in red.

More works from artist Laura Wasilewska- mixed media, wood, stone and metal.

A handmade doll- two of these are living at my house- so sweet!

Works from two ceramic artists.

Painting by Laura Wasilewska.

Pillows made from old linen grain sacks- I love the wooden buttons.

More works from the artists.

More of the door fronts.

This is an old washing machine wringer with the old Polish print.  It usually sits outside my store- but the weather has been -20 and colder so it is inside for a while.

So that is it!  What I see every day.  I also have a studio in the back but it is full of stuff and not worth my embarrassment- anyway many do what I do already know what kind of mess I am talking about!!


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