All talk…

I am finding it difficult to get back into the groove after the Christmas break.  Not only that but my girls have a break starting tomorrow for two weeks!  So stupid.  In Poland the provinces alter their winter break instead of the whole country going at the same time… is probably some genius former communist idea that has never changed….anyway…..

Tuesday we are flying to Vancouver- I mean girls and I without husband and doggie.  We are going for 10 days, should be a nice break- I am feeling a bit homesick for Canada at this moment.  We plan on doing some skiing, watching the Vancouver Canucks skills game and watching my friends boy play hockey at a tournament in Whistler as well as a girls night out  and of course drinking some good coffee. (and maybe wine)

I hope to be back into the swing once we return and after the jet lag has subsided.

I am planning on doing a tutorial for a “how to” sew a duvet cover.  I have about 10 metres of Polish linen waiting for me.

I also need to design shelving and a desk “built-in” for our office/homework space which is a disaster filled with treasures my seven year old cannot part with.

I have plans to visit a linen factory just outside of Warsaw.  I want to stock linen of various styles in my store and sell it by the metre but also offer custom sewn items such as duvet covers, table cloths, napkins, aprons etc….not sewn by me- I have found two wonderful seamstresses who do amazing work.

I would like to have a few rolls of Annie Sloan’s decorating fabric.

And of course furniture to be fixed up.

I am also working on improving my photography–this will be a separate post.  I have found a blog written by a photographer who has done a series “31 days to better photography”–he is really great, I will do a separate post and link up to his blog- his blog is written in a fun way with diagrams and examples- which seems to be helping me wrap my head around taking pictures in the manual modes….fingers crossed.

I will probably get a post in about Vancouver- it is such a beautiful city and a great place to practice my learning of photography.

See you soon!


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