Seeing Red!

No, I am not angry.  I stepped outside my normal zone and tried red.

I started with this:

It is a corner shelf in an old English style with Tudor style glass doors.  The lines are pretty simple and kind of heavy looking- what I mean is that it is not the typical French style with curving lines and carvings.

I really debated what colour to paint this piece.  I didn’t think white or beige would suit the glass and I have already painted a few things with Old Linen….so I took a chance with Primer Red.  I don’t gravitate towards red.  It is not one of my favourites.   I like beiges and browns- very neutral colours.  And I wear a lot of black- this is a colour I feel comfortable in.

So I painted the whole thing red.  The whole time I was painting I was still doubting my choice- it was only after I waxed and sanded was I happy with the red.

I have to say I am really quite pleased with it.  Because the of the style of the furniture and glass- I think the colour also needed to be very strong.

There are carving details but they are not delicate- they are quite chunky.


I have kept the hinges and knobs- they suit the piece…..and I can’t get the wax off of the glass panes–but really who likes cleaning glass??

More of the carving details.

You can laugh at my staging- I won’t cry!!  I don’t really have anything in store to stage a photo.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when painting furniture.  It is just paint.  How lovely would this piece be in a neutral room!  A pop of Annie Sloan’s Primer Red to create a focal point- Primer Red is a brownish red and very toned down- I can see this colour working well with many others.

And—-if you don’t like it, you can always paint over it!


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