Quick update

It has been pretty busy in my part of the world.  I have been sewing stockings which seemed like forever and we finally had the Christmas bazaar.  All but two sold- which is cool because now I can give those to my girls’ teachers for presents- filled with goodies, of course.  The chest of drawers also sold- so I am happy about that too. We made bank for an orphanage just outside of Warsaw- which makes all the work worthwhile.

I will have a new artist display her works in the store, Laura Wasilewska,who does exceptional work- very detailed and interesting paintings. I also started a new project with a magazine website.  I will now be doing tutorials every month for such things as painting a chair and other techniques.

This is the first for Christmas- the stocking tutorial.  It is all in Polish …but you get the idea.


So my projects are on hold till after the New Year.

Some things that I will be working on will be sewing a duvet cover from Polish linen–I will do a tutorial for that but I also plan to sell custom linen duvet covers from my store.  I have found two ladies that do exceptional work- so hopefully this will be interesting for some people in my area.

I  intend to sell linen by the metre in store.  This is just an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.  Polish linen is so lovely and priced really well so I will have a few rolls to offer those who sew on their own.  I also plan to have about three or four rolls of Annie Sloan’s fabric- which ones I am not sure of yet.

Today I met with a colleague who has her ceramics displayed in my store- she is working on custom furniture knobs and now gift tags–again for the New Year.

So, this is what is happening in my part of the world.  I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and is able to spend it with those who are important to you.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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