A little help

Last week a lovely girl bought a can of Annie Sloan paint from my store….however, my husband was working this day and of course he has no idea about paint or wax or anything design or decor.

So I invited her and her friend for a quick lesson.

I just bought this:

The girls, Karolina and Natalia, each painted a door in a very simple technique- paint, sand, wax and I did the rest of it.

It was painted in Coco/Old Linen and the top was painted in Amsterdam Green.

This is the result:

This piece is really interesting- great for a laptop and hiding papers and notes and all things that accumulate in a household…it has a secret!

The top flips up!  How cool is that.  Great for a student who can never keep her desk clean…(she shall remain nameless!!)

Here are some of the details:

The inside will be finished with Amy Butler wallpaper- hasn’t been glued down yet…just to give you the idea.

I think it turned out great….thanks for the help Karolina and Natalia!!


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