First mini course at Brush!

Yesterday three Portuguese women came for a mini course at my store.  (The Portuguese part is not really important….I just put it out there because I am Canadian, I live in Poland and just had a class with three Portuguese women…small world!!)

Anyway, I had flyers delivered around my part of Warsaw shortly after my store opened.  About two weeks from that point two women came to ask if I would be interested in teaching them how to paint in French country style.

Of course!!!

So we finally got together yesterday for about three hours and I explained to them a very basic technique with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint- a simple distressing and waxing method.

We started out with this:

It is just a regular pine box.  Simple and unfinished.

I stained it before hand so that there was dark wood under the paint.

These women have never painted before and they had loads of fun doing it.

This is after the first coat – we are attempting to speed up the drying process with the dryers.

This is after two coats and before sanding.

All of the ladies picked either Old White or White Linen.  Once the boxes were dry we started the waxing then sanding.

(sorry, no photos of that)

But this is how they turned out:

A basic French country finish.  Paint and distressing with light and dark wax.

Very easy and the best part is that the ladies were thrilled with their work.

Foi um dia divertido!!


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