Stockings and more stockings….tutorial!

I have been sewing like a crazy lady in order to get ready for the Christmas bazaar at my girls’ school.  I have done these the past few years  and they always sell out!  Horray for the orphanage that the money is given to!!

First things first.  Decide on the materials.  Each year I have done a different style.  The first year I did a kind of glam style – shiney materials and fancy trims.  Sorry no photos- this was long before the idea of a store and blog ever entered my mind!

The next year I cut up Polish grains sacks that are made from beautiful linen and had more of a neutral theme.  This is what I am doing again plus this year I have added more linens and a few other recycled Christmas fabrics that I have found on

So after the fabric has been decided then you need a  pattern.  This could easily be drawn by hand–I found this one – I like that it is big and very simple to sew.  Print out the pages and tape them together.

Place and pin onto fabric and then add 1cm seam allowance to the size of the pattern.  (I am in metric- so those on the Imperial system add the 5/8 standard seam allowance.)

Then with right sides together sew the stockings together leaving a 1 cm seam.

For each stocking you will need to cut four pieces so that you have an inside stocking and an outside stocking.  This is where I add contrasting or complimentary fabrics.


So then after you have sewn the stockings together turn one right side out and iron flat.  Turn the top hem inside by 1 cm and iron flat also.  The inside stocking will NOT be turned right side out  but turn the hem down by 1cm towards the outside.

With me so far?

So then put the inside stocking on to your hand and put it into the outside stocking.  Align the seams up, adjust the sewing machine to be able to sew the top then sew the inside and outside stocking together at the top where the two stocking meet. About 1/2 of a cm is only needed for the top seam.

Fold the top down to create a cuff with the contrasting fabric and then press again.  On the cuff you can add trims or other decorative elements- this year I have added a few roses.

Next a loop is usually necessary to hang somewhere.  I take a long strip of fabric that is about 6cm wide- just under 2 1/2 inches.

I fold it in half and iron then fold both sides into the centre to create a strip- then sew it into place.

I usually do the strips in one long piece then cut to smaller sizes.

So then I hand sew into place and add a piece of string or ribbon.

And there you have it.

Much better than store bought.  Having an inside and outside stocking with a cuff is a really nice detail and gives more of a quality feeling to it.

Here are some of the fabrics I am using this year.

It feels as though I have done a 100 of these this year…I am probably closer to 50 – I don’t mind as the money goes for a very good cause.

If there are any questions- please ask, I have been sewing since I was about 12 -it comes second nature to me so I may have left out steps that perhaps a beginner sewer may not know.  This is not a difficult project at all and can be done in a short amount of time.

Now if it would just snow….. 🙂



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