This past week has been a holiday for my girls.  November 1st is “the day of the dead” which means that everybody returns to their home town to celebrate the passing of their loved ones.

The cemeteries are lit up with candles- it is really quite beautiful.

We went to the mountains in the south of Poland.  Also quite lovely.  Zakopane and the region is famous for its highlanders, oscypek (cheese) and electric tea.  The architecture is quite different from the rest of Poland- the roofs are pointed to accommodate the amount of snow here and they are a typical mountain style with wood exteriors.

Needless to say, I didn’t do any work, but funnily enough I still managed to sell three cans of paint and three tins of wax.

The next two months will be busy- I have furniture to paint and then I need to make a few items for christmas.

Here are a few pictures of Zakopane- we had great weather- 13/14 celcius and not a cloud in the sky.

There were a surprising amount of tourists for this time of year.  Many Hungarians, Italians, English and Germans enjoying the weather.

The above photo is the “catwalk”, it has changed a lot since I was here seven years ago.

Typical highlander/mountain architecture.  The first house is on the top of a hill and surrounded by sheep.  The second is a brand new villa under construction at the base of the ski hill.

Many buildings, including shops had decorative carvings on the facade.  So lovely.

I imagine the area is quite breath taking with the snow even when there is no snow it is still nice.

These are only a few of the market stalls with the highlander cheese.  Also for sale are wool items like sweaters and slippers and clothes made from material that has the highland pattern on it.


This region of Poland is very colourful and distinct- and you will never forget the cheese!




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