another reason to love Annie Sloan paint

For those of you who are on the fence about the paint and trying to justify the cost of it- here is something that may help sway in favour.  This paint adheres to so many surfaces without any preparation.  This includes metal.

I bought this sheet music stand and had no intentions to paint or do anything to it.

It has a great shape but I have a feeling this is a made in China version – it is metal of some sorts- not ugly at all but nothing special.

Without any preparation I painted two coats of Old Linen and then highlighted in places with Old White- particularly on the curves, swirls and the leaf decorations.  I then waxed and sanded to achieve this look.

The colour is a beigey greyish colour- nothing drastic but it suits the style of the store more, shows the versatility of the paint and makes the stand a little more interesting….and a little less “made in China” looking.  Some of the original metal is visible after the distressing but it gives the piece some added dimension and authenticity.


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