A new technique

When I attended the paint course for stockists in Oxford I learned 6 techniques.  Some I knew and some I didn’t.  This one was new to me and my favourite and I am itching to try it on something.

This is the sample we did in the course.  The paint is Provence with the rustic wax on top- that is it.

And it was so easy.  Basically, the paint was applied in a real haphazard kind of way.  Every which way.  Brush strokes were visible and went in every direction.  Paint was thicker in some places- there were lumps and bumps everywhere.

Two coats of paint were applied to create massive texture.

Then a thick layer of rustic wax was applied and it was left to sit for a few minutes until it hardened slightly- then it was wiped off to reveal this technique.

It is an aged patina but specifically Impasto- where the paint is applied very thickly with visible brush strokes.

Even on this small piece of wood this finish looks authentic -which is the ultimate goal!  I was drooling at the simplicity and how beautiful it turned out.

Image from

Notice the round knob in the above photo- this is the same technique I learned- isn’t it a great effect!!

Image source

Here is another idea- this technique really gives a worldly effect to furniture- making it as though the furniture has been around for ages.

I am not sure how Polish people would react to this- it might look too old for some people.  However, my blue and white French piece I did sold last week and I received an inquiry yesterday from somebody who wants me to paint another one just like it…..maybe I will try it on something small!




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