A small change.

The thing about Annie Sloan’s chalk paint is that if you change your mind or don’t like the outcome of your piece- you can paint over the wax without problem.

I painted these chairs with Versailles when I was getting the store opening organized.

I like them a lot- but they are quite simple.  Typical farm house chairs.  Solid oak, great shape, sturdy but ugly wood.

I have them in the store, four of them, but nobody was giving them a second look.  I did have an elderly woman tell me they were to expensive.  I did mention to her that the price of four of them were cheaper than four chairs from Ikea- she wasn’t convinced.

I want them to go- I have 10 chairs in the store and they are taking up much needed space.  Anyway….I have a bit of Amsterdam Green left over so I decided to do this.

I painted the seat with one coat and distressed it to see the Versailles under it.  I also waxed the seat.  Much better, no?

Amsterdam green is an amazing colour.  It can look greenish or blueish depending on what is next to it.  It also often only takes one coat of paint and has full coverage.

With the distressing you can see the lighter Versailles, the old oak and then the sanded oak- it really is multidimensional.  Now, hopefully, with this small change these chairs will sell….to make room for more chairs!


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