How is this for a before and after?

I just discovered that I had a bunch of old photos that I had forgotten about on my small camera.  My carpenter had borrowed the camera and as I was burning him a disk- I found before and after photos of our new house.

In Poland, when you buy a new construction house, it is sold as “shell and core”.  What this means is that it is literally a concrete box.  Houses are built here using cement blocks- there are a few that are wood frame construction, our old house was, but Polish people don’t like them- they think they are poor quality.

Here are a few photos of how we bought the house:

This is the kitchen- isn’t it gorgeous!!

The window seat!

The stairs of course- are they great!!

The master bedroom and door to deck.

The loft.  I don’t really need to show more- you get the idea.  Cement box, literally.

So here is the after.  I designed everything.  Kitchen, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms- and I chose all the finishes.  This was a pain staking project.  I bought a lot of items from Allegro (like ebay) – but some things like the floor and kitchen counters there was no bargain to be had.

My house pretty much still looks like this.  The two brown chairs next to the sofa have been changed and the round table was painted- but I think I might unpaint it….I like it better.  The window seat, not pictured has a wood plank that has been stained to match the floor- I will post about that another time.  We have also since put up a fence so we can’t see directly into our neighbours house.

Here is my rendering when I was trying to figure out the railing.

In my original concept I wanted to have the hand railing from wood- but the iron monger only does iron and it was looking to be like a hassle so I went with all iron- I am happy.

For my bathroom I had a sink installed on an old chest of drawers.  I am tall and my kids are going to be tall so the chest of drawers is above average height but it works for us.

The floor is slate and the wall feature is stacked stone (marble)- the counter is carerra.  I was not budging on the marble.

This is the master bedroom- not a great photo.  I had my carpenter drop the ceiling by 8 cm’s in most rooms to accommodate the curtains.  I was tired of curtain rods being pulled out of the walls as we have a dog that seems to cause destruction.  The curtains wrap two full walls and the colour under is a very dark green- taken from the green in the wallpaper….which of course you can’t see because the photo is bad!!

We turned the loft into my daughters room.  She is only 12 but I think the colour and paper will grow with her.

These photos were taken just after we moved in, furniture is sparse- as you can see from the stuff on the floor.

Sorry for the lack of staging – this was about a week after we moved in.  The bed is an antique and in great shape so I didn’t paint it.  Of course if I was to take a picture of this room today- it wouldn’t be recognizable.  My youngest likes to display all her treasures and trinkets everywhere.

I thought it would be fun to post these to see the before and after.  Maybe you get the idea behind “design disorder”–I have no French country in my house.  My home is more a retro eclectic.  I love painting furniture and making old new again- but my personal style is more of a mixture.  I love fabrics and I love natural materials- I also love mixing old with new.

Closer to the holidays I will do an update on my house- some things have changed but most have stayed the same.


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