A day with Annie Sloan!!

Yesterday (Saturday) evening I returned from Oxford after spending two and a half days there.  I went specifically to take Annie Sloan’s paint finishes course- as did seven other stockists.  Two from Ireland, one from the lakes district in England, two from other parts of England, one from Switzerland, one from the south of France and one from Poland (that’s me!).  Annie is now only offering courses to stockists so that eventually we will be able to teach others where we live.

We did six different techniques.  I had so much fun and I think the others enjoyed themselves too.  I learned a lot in such a short time- I have been painting furniture for a long time, as had all the ladies there, but it was so great to get a different perspective and basically “talk shop” with others that have similar hobbies and interests.  The only down side was that the time seemed to fly by- I could have stayed all day talking with those wonderful people.

Some of her techniques left me gasping.  I have also discovered that painting in one direction (I know, the opposite of what you have been taught!!) is not always the best choice.

The lady I was sitting next to, Glyness and I, were gasping with the crackle finish techniques!  I have done this before but never with such ease and success-  this is something I want to try on a piece of furniture- very soon!!

If there was ever any doubt, Annie Sloan is a master in her field.  She is also an extremely genuine person and so personable and friendly- as is her husband David.

I took loads of photos- actually I was the only one taking photos!  I took some of her sign, the shop interior, some of the paint and some of the people in the course and those who work in the shop to help keep this business running.

We are just about to learn a technique- we have our planks of wood ready to go.  The empty chair is my spot.  Those two lovely ladies sitting down are stockists from England and of course, the wonderful Annie Sloan.  There is another lady behind Annie- but I didn’t get her in the photo, unfortunately.

On this side of the table we have two ladies from Ireland, one from France and one from Switzerland.

This is one of Annie’s colleagues who is working hard painting with the new wall paint that should be available quite soon!!

Annie in her shop!

The inside of the store and part of the home fragrance display.

In store paint display.

Part of the Annie Sloan fabric collection- I am hugely interested in this for my shop….fingers crossed it will come together.

The banners that display the fabrics in store.

This is quite a recognizable part of the store- showing the paint colours.

The sign outside the store.

A hand made pillow and painted chair.  so gorgeous.

Some of the beautiful knobs Annie sells in her shop.

Buttons.  So pretty.

More of the fabrics displayed and a beautiful painted metal chandelier.

The stacks of paint in the stock room.

I am so happy I went to this.  It was such a thrill meeting Annie and her husband David.  I would love to do something like this again…maybe in the future!




5 thoughts on “A day with Annie Sloan!!

  1. Hello again Sherri! Lovelynto read your blog and to havevshared the day. I thoroughly enjoyed it too!! Hope to join you for a spring event maybe?
    Keep in touch, Vikki (Switzerland).

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